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BIGBANG~Scavenger Hunt Wednesday {1/20/2016}
OMG! I'm doing a thing! So Wednesday was all hunting and preparing, but then my phone died. <Of course> So I thus present my entry. @KwonOfAKind @lovetopia @catchyacrayon @JiyongLeo @Helixx My two adds are: @PrettieeEmm @Jiyongixoxo


1] Pic/GIF of Pre-show hand ritual.
2] Least favorite Taeyang hairstyle and why? Let's take a moment to laugh at his horrible hair....... okay? His kimbap hair while funny, is also a bloody eyesore to look at. I hate it so much.
3] Video of BigBang in their recording studio.
4] Your favorite pic/GIF/video of members dressed as women. Why? My all time favorite is Daesung from this parody. All of it! Also GD in that dress takes a close second. LOL!
5] Pic/GIF/video of GDragon's most outrageous outfit. This outfit.......... I don't know. Just..... gold...... I do love his hair though. ^u^
6] Picture of all 5 member signatures.
7] Seungri Panda Fanart.
8] Video of BigBang speaking English.
9] Pic/GIF of TOP Pillow from MADE Naver V cast.
10] Five diffent pictures of crayons. This one I didn't quite understand. I hope this is what you are looking for.
11] GIF of Daesung being goofy or dancing. Why not both.
12] Make Helixx Laugh with BigBang related pic/GIF/video/Meme.


13] Another KPOP group reacting to a BigBang award show performance. Abit to straightforward. Sorry.


14] Make Helixx laugh with anything. I may need to interact with you more in the future to really nail this one.
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You wanna know what made me laugh? "Make Helixx laugh with anything. I may need to interact with you more in the future to really nail this one."
2 years ago·Reply
love this! lol, which episode of strong heart was that??? with Dae dancing!? cause that was adorable and silly all in one!!
2 years ago·Reply
It's from Strong Heart? @falme2 I honestly just did a gif search for Daesung dancing. Sorry.
2 years ago·Reply
@TerraToyaSi I think it is. at least the stage looks like it, and the MC...
2 years ago·Reply