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For $8M you won't believe the home that Emily Blunt and Josh Krasinski just put on the market. Turns out, the two--just like Jeremy Renner--know a thing or two about real estate investment property, and turning clunkers into wonders!
Krasinski purchased the 1950s hillside home for $1.9M in 2009, which is already impressive. But to double the square footage, remodel the silhouette and completely transform the interior design--while still being movie and television stars--is quite the feat. Oh, and then listing it for 4x the amount paid for it is everyone's real estate dream story!
Features: 6 bedrooms, 5 bathrooms, pilates room, pool, three-levels.
While I love the vastness of Lady Gaga's $23M Malibu estate, which you can see here, I LOVE this home that Krasinski and Blunt have created! Plus, I love the location--it's actually more perfect than Malilbu, which is more far-removed from the Hollywood vibe.
I'm an ocean guy, I live on the ocean here, I would miss it too much
YES! EXACTLY! @InPlainSight hahahaa
@marshalledgar Closer for the clubs so you can do push ups in the car park?
I love Malibu, and always will. I take Topanga Cyn from Woodland Hills (in the valley) to Malibu, which has the most epic opening from the rugged mountains to a clearing of the vast Pacific Ocean. @InPlainSight It's remarkable. I much prefer the HH because it's centrally located to EVERYTHING. all the hot spots of LA. :)
But I'd do that style in a marble
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