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hey everyone :) well I've been looking up good cosplay ideas because I'm excited && this will be my first anime expo ever! Even though it isn't until like July I've been hesitant as to whether I should cosplay or not. Anyway I've been looking up some cosplay ideas && I came across some rude pictures && what not. Comments like why is she wearing that, yuki isn't black or why is she /he wearing that they're too fat. Even why is he cosplaying as that character if he's not attractive. Also comments like omg he just ruined that character for me. like I don't know about you guys but that's rude && hurtful & unfair. This isn't high school or a popularity contest it's not just the people with good bodies & cute faces that should cosplay it's everyone! I just wanted to put it out there that you can cosplay as whoever the heck you want! if that's your favorite character you go for it :) random rant sorry xD
If every cosplay had to be spot on, then pretty much every cosplay would have to be done by pale skinny Japanese people. We all know that's not the case. Even though most anime characters are pale, skinny, and Japanese, I rarely see a cosplayer that is all of those. People need to just be respectful of other people's hobbies. That's like saying only (insert judgemental adjective here: fat, skinny, tan, wealthy, ect.) can be (insert any job or hobby here: artists, models, retailers, employers, salon stylists, ect.). It doesn't make sense, and there's a million different ways to say it! 馃槨
Dude cosplaying Misty was awesome! Haha I totally agree with this.
U can!
@shinigamisan thanks!! :)
@sofetchliz Oops nevermind, I just saw your above comment. 馃槄
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