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Summary: Payj (Page) is an American woman trying to make it out in the Kpop world. She is not only leader of her group Mix It but she is also the main choreographer, rapper, part producer, and all around mother for the group. She has no time for anything that doesn't involve her group or her music career. She can be a bit cold hearted towards the opposite sex but that doesn't stop a group of curious seniors from trying to worm their way into her already busy life. How is she to survive the hurricane that is BTS and still make sure her musical work is perfect?
I was irritated… and Mimi? Mimi was entertained. She had been in high spirits since I had woken up and started yelling about having fallen asleep. She had been pleased since the boys walked in and started picking on me for being carried back to the apartment by Jungkook. She had been in fits of giggles since the boys informed us Boss Man said we were to take a break and they were going to take us out. I had tried to escape unnoticed back to my practice room to finish my work but they had apparently been instructed to keep a close eye on me. So I was tossed over Jimin’s shoulder and carried like a sack of potatoes to the waiting car. Now here I am glaring out the window as Jungkook, who had somehow been shoved next to me, refused to look in my direction. I half wondered if he was upset with me because I had fallen asleep when he had sang to me.
I didn’t like the idea of him being upset with me. I sighed and turned to whisper to him softly enough so the rest of them wouldn’t hear. “I’m sorry I fell asleep last night, and I am sorry to have bothered you to carry me back to the dorms.” He turned and looked at me slightly confused. “You could have just tried to wake me up. I don’t want you to inconvenience yourself for my sake.”
For a split second Jungkook almost looked like he was even more angry and I felt the corner of my mouth twitch. He really was upset but before I could put anymore thought into how to make it up to him he shook his head and smiled at me. “It’s ok Noona. It wasn’t a bother.”
I smiled back and him. “Okay but let me make it up to you. If you think of something let me know.”
“Ooo You two look close.” MiMi had turned around from her spot in the front seat next to the driving Namjoon and eyed Jungkook and I suspiciously.
I glared at her playfully and linked my arm with Jungkook. “Of course we are close. He is my boyfriend after all.” I said in a playfully joking matter.
Jungkook turned bright pink and I wondered why he was so embarrassed until I turned around and noticed all the other boys in the car staring at me in disbelief. “Too much?” I asked letting go of his arm and the boys laughed as they eyed Jungkook. I had the funny feeling there was some joke I wasn’t aware of.
Jungkook POV
‘My heart’….. As if being pressed against her in the car wasn’t enough, she had to just go and make jokes like that. He tried to slow the beating of his heart as she looked around in confusion. He didn’t doubt at all that the other guys had picked up on his feelings. Especially Yoongi and Jin who kept eyeing him suspiciously. He wished he had the courage to tell her he liked her but something told him that she would only get further away from him if he did.
Boss had looked at him curiously when he had explained the situation and asked if BTS could take the girls out for a day so Payj wouldn’t work herself to death. Though after a long pause he had finally agreed. “Okay you can all go out on one condition. Payj maybe fluent in Korean but she is still a foreigner. You are responsible for taking care of her, do not leave her side.” Jungkook wasn’t sure if the boss was picking on him or if he really was worried about Payj.
The theme park came into view and he watched as Payj’s face lit up with joy. She had mentioned how she hadn’t been to a theme park in the four years since she had moved to South Korea. He knew she loved these kinds of things, and he was determined to make sure she had a great time.
Payj POV
It was almost dark and not for the first time I wondered where they were abducting me too. It wasn’t until the theme park came into view that I finally let my irritation of being dragged away from work float away. ‘A theme park? How did they know I had wanted to go?’ I looked around at the guys and notice Jungkook looking at me. I had realized that that was something he seemed to do often. “You picked it didn’t you?” He smiled and Jin pipped in from the second row of seats.
“Picked it? More like he said this was the only place we were allowed to go.” Jin shook his head. “Seems he knows you better than the rest of us. Not fair kookie, no keeping Payj to yourself.”
Jungkook laughed and shook his head. “Nope I don’t want to share Noona.”
I laughed along with all the rest of the group.
The park was huge as we walked through the front doors. Almost as soon as we were inside Taehyung grabbed my hand and ran off for the nearest ride. I watched as MiMi and Namjoon walked off alone holding hands and made a mental note to ask her what I had missed at the party last night. The ride operator led us to an open teacup and Taehyung smiled. “You ready Noona? I am going to go fast.” I nodded my approval and right before he started to spin I noticed Jungkook waiting outside the ride for us.
I walked in a not so straight line towards the exit. The ride had been more than either Taehyung or I could stand and we both looked like we were coming back from a night stall having had too much rice wine. Jungkook looked like he was going to reach out to steady me but Jin grabbed me first. “Come with me next.” The night continued like this. Each boy would grab me as I walked off one ride and drag me to another.
I finally escaped and grabbed Jungkook making a run for it. I bent over holding my knees and panting as I tried to catch my breath. “I think I have done enough rides for the night.” I stopped as I realized we were next to the merry-go-round. “Ooo. Okay maybe one more. Come with me?” I reached out my hand towards Jungkook and he smiled brightly before taking it. I sat on a large green dragon and Jungkook took the white horse next to me. I leaned my head against the cool gold bar and smiled. “Thank you.”
He nodded and smiled with that smile that always seemed to try to chip away at the wall I had put up. “You know I would do anything for Noona.”
The ride home was rather quiet. We had stopped to eat and Mimi and I had marveled over how much this group of men could actually eat, but after we got back into the car it wasn’t long before the guys were all passed out. MiMi was driving since I still had yet to get a license to drive here. Namjoon sat passed out in the passenger’s seat. Jimin, Hoseok, and Jin were passed out in the second row and Yoongi and Taehyung sat on the other side of the sleeping Jungkook. I watched as his head lulled around over every bump and didn’t realize what I was doing until I had already placed his head on my shoulder. Since he was taller than me it was no easy task but the thought of him hurting his neck as it bounced around pushed me to figure it out.
MiMi eyed me in the mirror and I gave her a stern look that said ‘don’t even think about saying it’. Even when sleeping Jungkook looked handsome and easy going. It was no wonder I like to keep him around since my life was more hectic and crazy. He always seemed to calm me and even when he wasn’t around I found myself wondering if he was doing well.
“Thank you Noona.” My heart almost leapt out of my chest when his soft whisper came out. I had thought he was asleep but I guess he was more awake then I had thought.
“You’re welcome Jungkook.” I absentmindedly ran my hands through his hair and heard him take a sharp breath. In thinking I was bothering him I took my hand down and turned to look out the window letting him get some rest.
When we had finally arrived back home I smiled and waved goodbye to the boys. As we entered the apartment I smiled knowingly at MiMi. “So Miss. MiMi.” I said in my most sickeningly sweet voice. “What is going on with you and Namjoon?”
She smirked and shook her head. “Nope not telling.” With that she turned and walked to our room.
“You know you want to.” MiMi was never one to keep a secret well. She always felt the need to tell someone what she knew. Even if the secret was supposed to be about herself.
I smirked at her crawling on her bed to sit next to her. “Oh you have to tell me. How are you going to leave me out of the know?”
She sighed and I knew I had won. “So we hit it off and decided to spend some more time together.”
“Spend more time together? Like date?” The moment the word left my mouth she pounced on me. Her hand flying to smack me on the lips.
“Shhhh don’t say it so loud. You never know who is listening.”
I laughed and pushed her off of me. “Ok ok I get it.” So she had finally made way with Namjoon. I would never forget the countless hours we would spend together before we debuted and all she would talk about would be how she wished she could get the chance to date Namjoon.
I moved over and crawled into my own bed. I would have to remember to thank Jungkook again for talking the guys into going to the theme park. He had actually put some thought into it and for that I was thankful. I closed my eyes remembering the bright smile he had given me when he took my hand as I fell into dreams of merry-go-rounds and teacups.
The next day started out like any other. I got up went to Chinese practice, then to dance practice with the girls. It didn’t vary in any way. I didn’t see the boys either. I had wanted to thank him but then found out they were going on the show After School Club and they wouldn’t be around most of the day. I sighed as I looked at my still blank computer. I was never going to get a ballad written at this rate. I didn’t even know where to start. Aren’t most ballads about love or loss of love? I scrunched my nose. How was I supposed to write about those things? I never had time for them.
I slowly started to spin around in my chair hoping to get some blood going when my chair was stopped short by strong arms. “Eek!” I grabbed onto the chair trying to steady myself and looked up into my senior’s eyes. “Oppa!” The one person I had first met when I moved out here. Of course he worked in a different company but we had remained friends. “What are you doing here Siwon Oppa?”
He smiled and pointed at my blank screen. “Here to help with that and to make sure you haven’t pushed yourself too hard.”
“They asked you to help me?”
He nodded. “Boss knows we know each other and he and my Boss thought it might be mutually beneficial if you and I did a song together.”
I smiled brightly and jumped up to hug him. His hands grasped around my waist and he picked me up for moment. “It’s good to see you oppa.” I pulled away and grasped his hand. “Any idea what kind of song we should do.” At that moment I heard a thud against the door and looked up to see Jungkook looking rather surprised and appalled. I was instantly curious as to what was wrong with him but before I could ask him he bowed and apologized before quickly escaping the room.
So what do you think? Is Jungkook going to be able to win Payj's heart before an older Senior takes her away? Let me know what you are thinking and if you wish to be tagged also let me know. Going to tag the loverlys below.
Got around to reading it later than I wanted but it was well worth the read :) Can't wait to see what happens next!
ooooh! the plot thickens. CD