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Hello my good people! I decided on making a small story with some snaps! Kookie's on a tour with the boys and he misses you. Although he does contact you he can't help but talk about you all the time. What can he say? He's happy and he misses his girlfriend who he loves! To make you feel less lonely he tries his best to send snaps to let you know that distance doesn't get in the way of him contacting you throughout the tour. Enjoy! ---- As you make yourself something to eat while studying you can't help but think of your boyfriend and the guys. With a slight sigh you remember that they left yesterday morning for a tour and feel a bit lonely. You miss their laughter in the living room and the boys playing games on the coffee table. Sitting on the couch with your dinner on your lap you hear your phone ping. Looking at the screen the food is forgotten as you open a snap from Kookie.
You chuckle at his expression, this dork! But you love that face and quickly send him snap back saying "I miss you too!💖" ---- It's about late evening, knowing you won't hear from him for a couple hours you had put on a movie to keep you entertained. Hearing your phone ping again and thinking that it's Kookie you rush over only to see that it's V. Feeling a bit disappointed that it isn't who you were expecting you open it.
You start laughing, feeling sorry for him but at the same time a blush forms on your cheeks. You knew Kookie liked you and talked about you but not this much! Especially on tour, most of the time they goof off and eat. You send a snap back apologizing and saying that you miss him as well. V is energetic and you remember the times you were able to keep up with him and his crazy ideas. Before you can send V another snap you get interrupted and this time it's a snap from Kookie. V is forgotten as you open your boyfriend's snap.
You can't help but laugh at his expression. You send him a snap back with "maybe?~" and a thoughtful expression on your face. He replies quickly and you open the snap.
Putting your hand on your blazing cheek you feel butterflies in your stomach. Even though he's away from home it's amazing how he can still affect you this much. You make a cute face and send him one back saying "I love you too Kookie😊💕" ---- In the morning you wake up and stretch. Checking your phone you see that Kookie sent you a snap at 5am.
You send him a snap saying good morning and that you're on your way. With a fist pump in the air you get up and ready to meet your boyfriend and the boys at the airport. ❤️❤️
How was it?! I hope you liked it! Tagging the Kookie peeps from my list, if you'd like to be added please leave a comment below~ Also you can follow my "Kookie Jar Thursday" collection and my "DBS Kookie" collection if you like what you see. See you next time ARMY's and Vinglers!!
omo I felt butterflies just by reading this
😍😍😍💛💛💛💛💛💛💛💛💛 I squealed so many times haha 💛💛💛💛💛💛💛💛
🙈 So cute >~<
it was sooooo cute
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