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Finally, after waiting for 2 and a half weeks, my BTS phone cases finally arrived. They're so pretty. I can't lie though, I was getting anxious that they got shipped to the wrong place or wouldn't fit my phone. How silly of me because they are sexy as hell and perfect. I love them so much and I will treat them like my own. Maybe, that's over kill, but I refuse to get a scratch on them. Anyways, just wanted to share this great news in light of the fact that I had an exam today. Just knowing that they came brightened my mood because it's extremely cold where I live right now and we're supposed to have a snow storm soon. At least this could make me feel better about today. I'm really on cloud nine for these phone cases and I'm not coming back down anytime soon.
Love BTS... ARMY IS LIFE!!!! @heidichiesa
@heidichiesa same... I really want to keep mine in mint condition
@danyeljules41 I think I worry more about messing up my case than my phone now haha
This is awesome!
just a matter of saving up money from my part time job... hopefully you'll get one soon. They might have another soon to get them cheaper @SerenityThao
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