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Hello nakamas! VoidX here, and today, it seems like it's my turn for the daily anime theme with Feel Good Friday! :D So, tired? Have worked hard during the week? Dying to watch some anime? XD Well then, my friend, my nakama, time to fire up the pleasure-region of the brain (Named Nucleus accumbens XD) and it's time to feel good! :D
Todays theme is...


Yes! The embodiment of the term action and one of the greatest reasons why you watch anime in the first place! In anime, the scales that can be animated and choreographed just massively outweighs anythings that live-action can produce (hmm...LOTR-battles...epically great...Bourne fight-scenes... just as good...)... Fights are there to move the story forward through a deadly interaction between characters and events. A fight that just looks good is nothing compared to a fight that lasted a few seconds but had significant impact of the story depending on the outcome. And anime can emphasize that by adding glorious animation coupled along with bombastic and adrenaline-filled music! So, today, we'll take a look at the anime for which you guys remembered most fondly of either due to its impact of the story, its immersive and awesome animation or the epic and creative battle-music that is played. And most likely, all of the above XD

So, for this week's Feel Good Friday, we'll be taking a look at the most satisfying fights that literally felt good watching! XD

Oh, and spoiler alert XD

So, we'll start off with...

One Punch Man

Any OPM fight is eligable here. They are all hilariously executed and each action taken, frame changed and musical-note made are all combined into one mash and masterfully created fight you'll ever see on your screens. We'll be taking Saitama vs Genos and Saitama vs Boros as examples! Madhouse did it again, folks!

Next, we have one with a high budget...

Fate/Stay Night: Unlimited Blade Works

Aniplex really brought something immensly great to the table, from a technical stand-point. Great fluidity, great immersion, great colours and great music... Just take a look at Shirou vs Archer, or Shirou vs Gilgamesh or Archer vs Lancer and let your eyes feast upon the spectacle and awesome fights you'll ever see!

Bring on the chakra...

Naruto/Naruto Shippuden

Naruto has had himself alot of great fights against much tougher opponents and still managed to hold his ground, like Naruto vs Pain, a fight not only remembered for its vast and great scale of the battle, but the intense feelings it brought with it as well. And Naruto isn't alone. Sasuke has managed to many times out-wit the hot-tempered ninja like in Sasuke vs Itachi, the final fight between brothers. This fight is my all time favourite fight from Naruto as it perfectly captured the relationship between the two brothers from the extinct clan. But I also added simply "Naruto" there, and the ultimate fight between the hot-tempered ninja Naruto vs the stone-cold Sasuke by the ending of the original series where they fought of each other with different motives such as friendship and power clashing together, making a lasting mark and will never be forgotten!

Time to pump yourself with adrenaline...!!!

Attack on Titan

Whether it be with blades and with the 3d maneuver gear or with just fists and sheer size, Attack on Titan's got you covered with blood-boiling intense and eye-opening battles and fights that makes you yourself want to clench your fist, let out a roar of a titan yourself and punch the wall to bits! Never will you forget the moments leading up to the fight with Eren's transformation being a kicker to the balls and that's when you yourself see the seriousness of the battle ahead and you have no choice but to sit down, strap yourself in and enjoy the ride!!! XD

Now, for something COMPLETELY different...!

Shokugeki no Souma

Do you know what "Shokugeki" means? It literally means "Food BATTLE" and of course they are eligable in this instance as well! We have many contenders for this spot, using flavours and reactions instead of fists and weapons (...well...) to determine a winner with adrenaline filled fashion. Any Shokugeki is fine, most notably though would be the last in the anime (but OMG do they have battles in the manga!!!!!!) where the greatest fight between bombastic flavours are fighting each other, LITERALLY!!!

Heart pumping already? Clenched your fist instinctively? Ready for a fight yourself?

Post your favourite fight from anime and share the intensity, pleasure and immersion that the world and Vingle is ready to see and share! :D

Any fight is allowed! Even the most "pointless" fights are eligable! XD And make sure to tag me, @VoidX :) Follow this collection and the other collections of the week for more! :D - Manga Mondays - Tell me about it Tuesdays - Waifu Wednesdays - Throwback Thurdays - Feel Good Fridays - Seiyuu Saturdays - Super Sundays

Tagging the Mod-Heroes! Time to assemble and fight, nakamas!!! XD

Ok, @VoidX, that was immeasurably epic! Not only did you beautifully illustrate each fight/series of fights, but your allusion in the end of "Heart pumping? Clenched fist instinctively? Ready for a fight yourself?" So accurately depicted my feelings after reading this card (and after most anime fights) that it was just cool! You seem to so perfectly understand our emotions and your writing is so good at bringing those out and accentuating them (not to mention that your writing style is really really good)! Thank you for this one, you really hit it out of the park today!
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@VoidX Thank you for sending me that list, by the way!!
@hikaymm want me to message you in advance what it'll be so you can prepare your contribution to this week's FGF? :) Oh, thanks for calling me a genius :*
@VoidX You're a genius XD I schedule like everything I post lol but for FGF I like to see what your theme is first :P
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