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As you all know, we love bags.

Designer bags, makeup bags, oversized bags and the like. If it's stylish, we will gladly take it. This year and season in particular, there are a few trends that will having all the fashionistas go crazy. Like shoes, a handbag is the perfect finishing touch to any outfit.
From camera bags to ratchets -- you'll see it all this spring. Keep scrolling to get on trend when it comes to bags, thanks to the director of merchandising and creative over at Bag Borrow or Steal’s, Kelli Seid.

The Camera Bag

As much as we have grown to love the oversized trend when it comes to bags, we are taking it back to the days when compact equaled classy. Camera bags will be making their way into the possession of fashionistas near and far.

The Bucket Bag

This trend will forever reign supreme and will forever be one of my favorites. A bucket bag can literally take you anywhere -- from day to night and still add to the appeal of your look.

The Mini Bag

If you thought the camera bag was compact, wait until you see the mini bag. The name definitely serves it justice and this style of bag is definitely popping up more and more within some big name stores.
Out of the three styles seen above:

Which bag happens to be your favorite?

It really depends. For every day, the bucket bag.
Sameeeeee! Obsessed with the bucket bag @EasternShell