if this could I actually happen....that would be my reaction
Phone ringing v:hey we are throwing a sleepover want to come over. Ans: Tae I'm already here -_-
V: but it's at yoongi place how can you already be here. Ans: Kim taehyung I live with yoongi you said half screaming since the both of you where in the same room. but yet still talking on the phone with him.
Namjoon: "Hey y/n how was your day?" Namjoon ask while he looked at you eating a cookie. "It was already I guess, I'm just tired" you said. As soon as you said that namjoon, stand behind you and start it to message your shoulders. "Y/N relax, your shoulders are too stiff." Namjoon said trying really hard not to put too much pressure on your shoulders. "Hmmmm.....okay" you said with eyes close. From the living room, yoongi was glaring at both of you, but mostly namjoon, he didn't like the way he was touching you
Jimin notice what was going on between Namjoon and turn to look at yoongi. Seeing that he was glaring and was about to get up to head to the kitchen where you and Namjoon were. Jimin scream "let's play a game" while looking at your direction and giving you a look. You were surprised at the sudden scream but confused as to why Jimin was giving a weird look, that is until he nodded towards yoongi who was glaring at Namjoon that was still messaging your shoulders. Getting away from Namjoon you answer with shaky voice "that's a great idea jimin-ah, but what should we play?" you ask walking towards yoongi and grabing his hand. The room went silent,since everyone was thinking of a game to play. "let's play truth or dare" Jimin said with a small smirk on his face
The game was fun since everyone was picking dates instead of truths. With Hoseok dancing to girl groups, Taehyung eating a spicy paper, Jimin dared to kiss Jungkook which he obviously enjoy and we'll Jungkook had no chose but to go along with it. It was yoongi's turn and Jimin dared him to kiss you. Hearing that everyone stared to Boo since this was something you guys did everyday.
As soon as the game was done, you guys decided to call it a night. And set up all the sleeping bags on the living room, Jin didn't want to sleep next to the other guys since they tend to move a lot when they sleep. But of course yoongi didn't let him. "Yah, move your on my spot" yoongi said while setting his pillow next to yours.
Disappointed that he couldn't sleep next to you Jin moved to the next spot but was already taking by Hoseok who was already sleeping. And we'll he was really close to you He had a leg on top of yours and a hand on top of yoongi's hand that was hugging you from your waist.
It was morning and the light of the sun woke you up. you turn to give a kiss to yoongi but to you're surprise he wasn't next to you. It was Jin that had you wrap up in his arms. You started to think make on the night to figure out how this happen. You remember falling asleep next to yoongi.You also remember feeling yoongi getting up to go somewhere but seconds later you felt him, or someone hugging you, you didn't taught much about it. You looked over Jin and saw that yoongi was laying next to him, and realise that he went to the wrong spot. But it was a good thing he wasn't awake, or Jin would be in a lot of trouble.
thanks for the tag @KeziahWright @ThePinkPrincess @kyokeo My first time writing a story let me know how I did.
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