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A new year calls for a new list of hairstyles for those lazy days. We can all admit that we have those days where we don't really feel like putting too much effort into our look, but we still want to look presentable. If that's you and you've exhausted the everyday ponytail and messy bun -- keep scrolling to see over two weeks worth of hairstyles to make your laziest day easy breezy. The best part is that they're heatless because nobody wants to fry their hair like an egg.

What's your go-to lazy hairstyle?

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ok thank you
2 years ago·Reply
Are you referring to the bobby pins she is using? you can purchase those at the beauty supply store @AshleyPatterson
2 years ago·Reply
yes! please let me know, I would appreciate that :) @precious54
2 years ago·Reply
I meant her hair intentions sorry if I spelled that wrong @jordanhamilton
2 years ago·Reply