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It's funny how fashion repeats itself.

I can distinctly remember being in middle school and seeing a few people rockin' a pair of Nike Cortez and I thought they were the most hideous sneakers ever -- fast forward a little over a decade and they are the new sneaker for the fashion girl. You've seen them on Instagram, you've seen them on Tumblr and now you're bound to see them show up in the streets. Everyone say hello to Nike Cortez. Maybe it's just me, but not a lot has changed since middle school -- I still find these sneakers to not be the most appealing.
We live in a 'monkey see - monkey do' kind of society, where if someone sees something trending they're bound to go out and buy it. There's absolutely nothing wrong with that, but just make sure at the end of the day you purchased the item because you genuinely like it and not because you saw someone else wearing it. As for Nike Cortez, I can't really say much -- but maybe you'll be able to do the speaking for me. Keep scrolling to see the sneaker trend that seems to be taking over the feet of fashionistas alike.

Are you a fan of this sneaker?

Wear or Go Bare? I need answers.
Definitely wear! The All white (or gray; not sure of the color) pair is amazing! In the other colors it looks kind of puffy in the front, but I like them :)
yes, the puffy part is what throws me off a bit. the gold ones are somewhat growing on me though -- a bit @LilyNyooni
Eeeh they're not my style. I'm more for hipster or "emo" styles (DON'T INSULT MY COMBAT BOOTS AND LEATHER JACKET. EVANESCENCE IS BOSS OKAY?)) so this isn't quite what I think of for my usual getup.