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I really need new friends... All my friends arnt talking to me because I listen to kpop... Don't know what to do anymore馃挃
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Don't worry !!!!! You have all of us here to help and support
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they weren't real friend if they abandoned. here on Vingle we all stick together like a big family. we will lend u our ears and listen to ur troubles and we will guide u like friends/family should.
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they aren't your friends if they judge you just because of the music you listen to. I have a few friends who think I'm weird because I listen to Kpop, but they also think it's kinda cool that I listen 'outside the box' as it were. Don't get too upset, I know it hurts but you have all of us here on Vingle who are just as unique as you.
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that really means they weren't your real friends. I will gladly be your friend馃槉
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