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Let us take a minute to discuss something... or rather someone...
Daesung... Where did you come from? Like.. how did I miss you? Why are you wrecking my bias??????
Yeah... I am being a bit melodramatic haha. But seriously. How did I over look him all these years??? Comment your bias wreckers below
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I feel............ Nothing
2 years ago·Reply
He's the bias wrecker. I didn't know what a bias was until Daesung. In fact, I can't even BELIEVE I liked G-Dragon at one point.
2 years ago·Reply
Rofl. @jennykool I still love top... but slowly but surely daesung is being my go to... like... wait... no...
2 years ago·Reply
@oxsozeroxo Nice. I can't get with T.O.P at all. He's nice looking but he's too frickin weird. That 4D stuff. Plus, I don't like how he looks at Daesung. See? Even he wants Daesung. Lol.
2 years ago·Reply