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thanks everyone
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fuuka is really good balance between romance and tragedy
@devinrohers. thanks you're the best
@simplynick doesn't matter
@JewelHarmer Hehe 8) Outbreak Company: Literally doesn't have enough popularity... If you ever want to see all your favorite animes referenced smoothly in one show..This is it! It's basically a show about an otaku who's mission is to spread his otaku ways to the people of an alternate world(References from Aot, Magi, Izuma11*, Kuruko and MORE) Zankyou no Terror: If you love Psychological Thrillers.. then here is a pretty damn fine one!!!! It's a pretty dark story that revolves around two boys and a girl and how they get their revenge on the "world" per say..(currently still watching this) Yahari Ore no Seishun Love Comedy wa Machigatteiru: If your a romance person who wants a pretty funny yet relatable..Story that you might tear too multiple times (MC is my profile picture) then here it is... IRS about a loner guy who pretty much gave up in life due to a bad experiences with people when be was younger. and how his counselor forces him to join a new group to that's focuses on helping it follows him and that group and how they help people.. and help each other deal with issues etc etc... then there's action Madan no Ou to Vanadis (op bow dude) Irregular at Magic High (op magic dude) Strike the Blood ( if you can get past "no senpai this is our fight" being said 1 million times is a pretty good anime)
@simplynick can I like, demand you turn this into a card so I can clip it & be able to find it easily? hahahahahha