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If you thought the Drake for Tom Ford lipstick was amazing, just wait until you see what else the designer has in store for his cosmetic line. If you aren't already hip, Tom Ford is a lipstick maven -- literally. For all you makeup and name brand lovers out there, today is your lucky day because word on the street is that Mr. Ford is launching lipstick pens. Let me be the first to say that the colors are extremely pigmented and so worth the money.
Although, the lipstick pens will run you a good $52, you will definitely get what you pay for -- which is quality in a tube of loveliness. If you're into berries than this collection is perfect for you because the colors range from bright to dark cherries. Ford's inspiration came from his Spring 2016 runway collection and it's obvious that both collections are extremely fashion forward. This collection will be available to purchase as early as next month, but the collection is available for pre-order now at
I posted my favorites above.

Are you loving these lipstick pencils?

ughh that price tag tho....馃槪
I think I might be investing right along with you. The shades are perfect for the season. @EasternShell
I will make this my tax season splurge (maybe 2). Every color is fantastic. I love pencil sticks because you can carry them around without the bulk. Tom Ford is amazing!!
yes they are!!!!!There amazing! !!!!!Awesome! !!^.^ >. < @jordanhamilton
鈾♀櫋鈾on't ask me !!I DO LIKE THEM^.^
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