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Need suggestions for anime debates comment below your favorite anime character and I'll put it on the list
I've hit a stump please comment
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Hmm, what type of anime are you into? Do any of you guys have any random suggestions? Tagging some peeps to help out ^_^ @PokemonMasta @LenaBlackRose @shadoheart @Kirik @BobbieStinson
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These days I'm really loving ERASED and Prince of Stride: Alternative but they're both currently airing anime so there's only like 3 episodes for each
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@hikaymm If you would like to look at page and see some of my previous cards to help you get an idea
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My faves are Inuyasha, Bleach, One Piece, Fairy tail, My little monster, sailor moon, Junjou romantica, Sekai-ichii Hatsukoi. Just a few but I have others
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