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So... this is my first time reading anime - I have watched a little before but thought I would give this book a go!
I am a few chapters in - really enjoying the style of reading as its not something im completely used to! The drawings are great - in short I think I will buy the next book.. What were your first books? Comments welcome!
It's a great manga can't wait for volume 5 to come to the states next month
I soooooo love kaneki
@Eclare you do understand it more because you can always look back to it c: have fun and happy reading x) for now that is... TwT
it's an amazing read. after reading the manga it has been hard for me to find a good anime. You might even say "The anime was shit" because TwT it really is oh man the feels are returning. I absolutely fell in love with Sui Ishida's mangas.
Yes! exactly :) thank you! x
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