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Here are some things you need to reason with.
Number one, you have a reason to read this.
Number two, there is more than just one reason to reason with.
Number three, you will have more than two options to reason with.
Number four, someone will probably choose option three as a popular alternative because three as a lucky number.
Number five, we’re half way there, still breathing.
Number six, some reasons will be even greater than the other half of the reasons.
Number seven, reasoning with the seven reasons will be deadly.
Number eight, we are now past the reason of reasoning with the seven deadly sins. Unless there’s an eighth sin we don’t know about.
Number nine, you have a reason to make to the end of this reasoning fest.
Number ten, at this point, you must realize that reasoning is tiring and will have a reason to choose the first reason. Because it’s the first one. Your reason is now validated. Now you know the reason why.
I reason that these reasons are all reasonable. At least that's my reasoning.
seems reasonable