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I was so surprised when I saw this
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@laratcheta she has some of the best one liners and quips!
5 years ago·Reply
@Saravy really? i should start watching american idol more so i can see some more hilarious moments like this
5 years ago·Reply
@laratcheta I don't really watch it often either, but when I see things like this, she rarely is caught speechless.^^ Plus, it's just her personality, she's seen everything and practically been thru everything, nothing really surprises her, I imagine.
5 years ago·Reply
"Keep going that way..." "It's a little reserved for me." LMFAO! Ahahahahahaha! That was too damn funny.
5 years ago·Reply
That was just amazing way to express profanity on-air. Standing ovation for such courageous act lmfao
5 years ago·Reply