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When Your Friends Are Evil

Seriously guys, that eyeliner!

Or as I prefer to call him, Tall Glass of Water!

My thoughts exactly, Mr. President.

But I love you @JiyongLeo!!! Thank you for turning me onto this great group AKA those little Life Stealers.

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thank you for that I'm pretty sure I'm gonna have a new addiction. they are really cute I'm a sucker for eyeliner.
2 years agoReply
@lilbr0wneyes This is what I am afraid..... u r down... too soon....
2 years agoReply
*gasp* @helixx !!! You made @lilbr0wneyes go to the whole!!!
2 years agoReply
@lovetopia and @catchyacrayon yep I think I did fall down the hole but it's ok no one will be able to steel the number one spot from bigbang
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