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Thorsday Headcanon Challenge!

Happy Thorsday everyone!!!

Loki looks pretty unhappy (probably because it's no longer Trickster Tuesday) but he's going to have to cope! Because today is THORSDAY!!!

And we're gonna make this the best Thorsday ever!!!

How? Simple: We're going to create some AMAZING Thor headcanons!!! And it's gonna be super easy too. Here's some questions to help you brainstorm:
What's his favorite food while he's on Earth?
Is there an emoji he really over-uses when he's away?
How did it go when Jane tried to teach him how to drive?
Where does he buy his shampoo?
Favorite Ben & Jerry's ice cream flavor?
Any weird allergies he discovered on Earth?

By the power of Thor: Go wild!!!

Hopefully that should spark your creative side! Let's share our Thor headcanons in the comments (tag us all if you end up making a card!) so we can celebrate Thorsday in style!
@shannonI5 haha, Yay!
@Krystalstar22 yesss I like it. @amobigbang do you have any about your hubby? ;)
He loves poptarts, and takes them home with him to asgard.
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