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But the next Spidey has his approval.

If you've been keeping up with the comics, you know that Marvel has been making some pretty big changes to their universe after the Secret Wars event. If you missed it: Peter Parker is no longer their headlining Spider-Man. That honor now rests upon the shoulders of Miles Morales, a new character that used to be living in an alternate universe. Secret Wars changed all of that: There are no more alternate universes, and now Miles is running with the Avengers. He's a recent addition, but fan reception has been fairly positive. And in Secret Wars #9 it seems like Peter Parker has placed his faith in Miles as well.
Miles: Studying with a friend.
Peter: So not a total lie. More of a half-truth.
Miles: Something like that.
Peter: You eat a snack?
Miles: Uh-huh.
Peter: You do your homework.
Miles: Yeah.
Peter: You wanna go beat up some bad guys, Spider-Man?
Miles: Oh hell yes.

It's a beautiful moment!

Secret Wars was such a huge event, but this scene really struck me as special. Peter was still acting as a mentor, but it really feels like the identity belongs to Miles now. What does everyone else think?
sweet... the feels 馃槩馃槩馃槩馃榿
@shannonl5 I like Miles I really do 馃槉! and I believe he helps the point Stan Lee put out there that Spider-Man wears a mask mainly because it helps everyone believe they could be the one behind the mask. However, I think that Peter Parker really will always be Spider-Man to me. I'm a little sad he is stepping down. 馃様
It bothers me a little bit cause I love PETER as spider man!! Come on he's the original:)......... BUT I have faith in miles! :) I believe he's going to be as awesome as Peter or probably 2x more awesome than him! So I'm super HYPED for him. I love that he's from the all new all different avenger team too he's getting my approval all the way!!!!!!!! ^.^
I'm feel okay with Peter passing down the torch. I understand that he wasn't getting any younger. and it's nice to see that the characters we know and love are growing up along side us.
@MichaelOgg absolutely. I think he'll definitely do very well as Spider-Man. But Parker will always have a place in my heart as the original Spider-Man.
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