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Natsu and Naruto
these two guys are MY favorite characters of all time, both strong as hell, they love their friends, they both never back down, whether you like fairy tail, naruto or whatever other anime, these guys take the cake, i mean if these two fought, naruto would win no doubt, hands down, 9/10. but i still like Natsu and Naruto equally. haha
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@ZacharyColeHall @HappysaysAye and I'm sorry I just hated naruto ever since they killed neji but let sasuke and orochimaru live
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nope sabertooth had a god slayer
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yea but those aren't gods themselves @ZacharyColeHall
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@MalcolmAllen they still had the sad title
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true god slayers are useless I'm not gonna lie but I like dragon slayers more anyway @HappysaysAye
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