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Looking at my sister's place I tried to find out how I was feeling or how I should act. Nothing came to mind right away so I guessed I would find out soon enough when I walked through her door. One thing was for damn sure though I sure as hell wasnt happy or excited about this only because I know how this was gonna go down. Rubbing my face I let out a "Ughh." I made my way to her apartment door and waited for a moment before I decided to kick it with my boot. A few moments passed when I heard my darling sister run to the door with her little feet.
When she opened it I was greeted with a giant smile and a big hug from her. I glanced over her shoulder and saw a guy relaxed on the couch looking me up and down. Here we go again I thought to myself as she pulled me inside and said happily, "Bubba I want you to meet Duncan and Duncan this is my brother Ivan." He looked almost amused at me when she said my name he didnt move or say anything so I went over to him and looked him dead in the eye, "Listen....douche bag was it? Here's how its gonna work your gonna get up and shake my hand like a man or Im gonna pull your ass up and make you a woman." Belle belle threw her head back and groaned out, "Not this again Ivan cant you be nice?" Without breaking eye contact with him I replied "Not if he cant show common manners and shake my hand." At this he stood up and Im a short guy so he was fairly above me at 6'3 but I didnt let him think it was an advantage. I extended my hand to him but he ignored it "Who do you think you are? You dont know shit about me yet you try to judge me?? Look at you!!" My sister hurried and pulled him back but I got directly in his face "What about me exactly?" He glared through my eyes as Annabelle kept trying to pull us apart "Duncan babe please dont answer that lets just start over ok?"
He pushed her away and she hit the floor as he yelled, "You look like a goddam girl you belong in a fucking dress tranny." That was like the bell going off for a fight a smirk came on my face as I clocked him in the mouth. He grabbed his jaw and looked at me surprised, "Now whose the girl fucker?!" The guy kicked me hard in the knee and sent me down with him and we started to struggle. We were rolling around on the floor grunting bumping into things and punching at each other. Throwing punches I decided to elbow him hard in the ribs and he groaned in pain as we kept going he got in a few punches. Most of our punches didnt do much damage he got me in the face a couple times and I hit him in the nose and broke it. Annabelle was freaking out and crying begging us to stop. Unable to hear my sister in pain I kicked him away and stood up "I dont want you near my sister ever again or I will fucking end your existence." He looked at me and I flashed a pocket knife I always keep on hand just in case. Slowly he got up holding his bleeding nose and left after he was gone I hit the floor again. Annabelle looked at me surprised "Ivan are you okay?"
Concern was in her voice as she knelt next to me "Yea just my bad knee." She looked at me and sighed "If you werent my brother Id beat you senseless." Then she hugged me "I know sis I started with him but he has zero respect I wont let you near guys like that." Hugging me tighter she said softly " I know bubba I just wish I could find a good one so we wouldnt have to do this." I nodded and gently hugged her back and kissed her head just then a shot of loneliness shot through me and I looked down. I was thinking of Sherelle who was so far away and all I wanted was for her to be here with me but it seems like she never will be. Sherelle is the woman Im in love with and whenever I get lonely its because I miss her and just want her here. "Wanna go to my place Ill order a pizza?" I asked and slowly tried to stand up "Yea Id love to brother dearest but is your knee okay?' I collapsed under the pain and said "Guess not....I dont feel good sister dear." Next thing I know she was slapping me half in tears and I looked at her dizzily, "You passed out! Were going to the er now!" For once I wasnt going to fight or argue with her my body mustve gone into shock. Annabelle pulled me up and helped me to my car, "You know I couldve got here myself sis." She glared at me and replied sharply, "Shut up and buckle up Im driving your car." Raising my eyebrows I said half amused "Im only buckling up because your behind the wheel try not to wreck it too bad now." She shot me another look and slugged my arm, "Your so lucky your hurt or Ima fucking kill you." A small laugh escaped me "Sure sis just like Ima beat your ass." Rolling her eyes she replied. "Shut up fucker."
After a few minutes of driving with screamo blasting enjoying each others company we reached the hospital. Opening my door I hopped out and held on the door as my sister scoffed, "Forever fucking stubborn brother." Annabelle came over and grabbed me "Sis what the fuck? Im fine dont hurt yourself." I struggled against her some "But bubba if you struggle Ill get hurt and you dont want that do you? Please cooperate this once for me?" The she flashed her sad eyes at me I groaned loudly and mumbled "Fine." As I let her help me inside the woman at the counter told her she could grab a wheelchair while I signed in. When she got back she smiled and said "Sit down dear brother Im back." I looked at her and sat down "Do I get to wheel myself or will you do that too?" Belle raised her eyebrow and asked "What do you think?" Hanging my head down and slumping back I sighed and replied, "Just this once." She wheeled me over to the empty sitting area and sat next to me looking at me concerned, "What?" Belle shook her head and I face palmed myself "Darling sister I promise you Im ok." It only took a couple minutes for us to get called back Belle belle pushed me back and they took my vitals then showed us to a room. Once on the bed I turned on the tv and started flipping through "All chick shows what the fuck?" Belle grabbed the clicker "Let me see." She turned on Coraline and tossed me the remote "There something we both like."
"I love you sis." She crawled next to me in bed and laid against me "I love you too bubba." I wrapped my arms around her and we watched the movie in silence. A while passed when the doctor came in and I muted the tv "So what seems to be the problem?" He asked and looked at both of us, "I got my right knee messed up pretty good." He looked at it and I winced a little, "Wow that sure is a doozy what happened?" I cleared my throat and replied, "I got in a fight." He nodded and asked " Are you in alot of pain?" I shook my head no and Annabelle looked at me " Dont lie to be macho!"
"Im not lying it really dont hurt." I looked at her as the doctor chuckled "Alright well miss Im sorry but Ill need you off the bed with what we need to do." She crawled out and pouted "Dont worry by the sound of that Ill be in pain soon." Glaring she replied " Thats not a good thing asshole I cant stand to see you in pain." The doctor watched us entertained " Well you two are obviously close siblings, now you dislocated your knee pretty good and we need to put it back in place." I groaned out "Fuuuccckkkk.." The doctor glanced at my paper and asked "You dont want pain medicine? Are you sure?" I looked at him and replied "Nooo doc Im good thanks." He nodded and waved a nurse in "Well you certainly are a tough one."
My sister took out her phone quickly as they started prepping for it "Sis what on earth are you doing?" She looked at me as she put the phone to her ear "Calling Sherelle we should tell her what happened." My eyes went wide "No! Dont do that! Why now?! The fuck just wait!" Annabelle kissed my cheek and rested her hand on mine and started talking to her, "Sherelle?..... Its Belle.... bubba is in the er..."Then they put my knee back in place and I screamed in pain. My sister looked at me terrified and started tearing up as I slumped back breathing heavily. All I could hear was Sherelle freaking out on the other end I pointed to the trashcan. The nurse gave it to me and I puked in it as Annabelle kept watching me as I fell back against the bed and glared at my sister. They wrapped my knee "Sis what made you think now was a good time to do that?" I asked weakly and she shrugged as her tears fell "Ive never heard you scream like that...." I reached for the phone and hugged her as I prepared for what was about to come which was probably the worst.