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There are good guys, and then there are bad guys. You know you've got a good guy when he would never dream of letting ANY of the following things happen. Ladies, what do you think – does your guy check all these boxes?

1. He'll never invade your privacy.

Relationships are built on trust. If he wants to go through your messages, know who you're texting at all times, or control who you get to spend time with, then GTFO.

2. He'll never make you prove how much you're worth to him. He'll recognize your value from the start.

A guy should WANT to be with you. Otherwise, he's not worth your time. If he doesn't want you for exactly who and how you are, forget it. You can definitely find someone better.

3. He'll never cheat on you – physically or emotionally.

This is a given. If he cheats on you, it's usually a good idea to leave. Decent people don't let that kind of thing happen (with very few exceptions). If he's looking to another woman to fulfill his need for female attention, tell him why it makes you uncomfortable. If he doesn't stop after that, make like Snoop Dogg and drop it like it's hot.

4. He'll never disrespect you.

Let's get one thing straight: a good man will respect you, your emotions, your decisions, your boundaries, your family, your friends, your judgment, your life... end of story. If he treats you like you're crazy, refuses to listen to you when you're trying to communicate, or disrespects the people and things you care about, then you don't have yourself a man. You have an immature little boy.

5. He'll never criticize your looks.

A good guy loves his girl exactly the way she is – curves, scars, and all. If he makes you feel anything less than beautiful, then dump his ass. Ladies, you accept what you believe you deserve. So know your own worth, be confident in your beauty, and love yourself for who you are – and make sure your guy is on the same page.
And most importantly, and sadly, most of those guys will be placed in the friend zone wondering what they did wrong.
@AlloBaber The guys in the douchebag zone are usually the ones who get the girl and laughing about it
The respect thing is so important to me!!
@AkashBhojraj I've been there quite a few times, and it will make you bitter if you let it. Women like a nice guy. I can't think of one who says they want to date a douchebag. As a nice guy though, you can't be afraid of being a bit of a douchebag. Just a bit. Just enough to show that you're not going to allow yourself to be a doormat, a yes man, personal psychiatrist, and not afraid to walk away. I don't care how nice or great a woman is. If she thinks that she can wrap you around her finger, it's not going to matter how nice you are, you're going to get the I just want to be single talk. Then the following week she's dating someone, and you're like what just happened lol.
@AkashBhojraj maybe she just wasn't that type of girl? some girls actually prefer the dick head guys.. or she coulda been the female version of the dickhead guys? no offence but the good treating has to go both ways.. you both have to contribute to the relationship and respect eachother and accept and so forth.. if she never returned those kind gestures^^ then maybe she just wasn't the one.. u definately deserved someone better.. i pray for you man.. good luck in the future.. 👌
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