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There are good guys, and then there are bad guys. You know you've got a good guy when he would never dream of letting ANY of the following things happen. Ladies, what do you think – does your guy check all these boxes?

1. He'll never invade your privacy.

Relationships are built on trust. If he wants to go through your messages, know who you're texting at all times, or control who you get to spend time with, then GTFO.

2. He'll never make you prove how much you're worth to him. He'll recognize your value from the start.

A guy should WANT to be with you. Otherwise, he's not worth your time. If he doesn't want you for exactly who and how you are, forget it. You can definitely find someone better.

3. He'll never cheat on you – physically or emotionally.

This is a given. If he cheats on you, it's usually a good idea to leave. Decent people don't let that kind of thing happen (with very few exceptions). If he's looking to another woman to fulfill his need for female attention, tell him why it makes you uncomfortable. If he doesn't stop after that, make like Snoop Dogg and drop it like it's hot.

4. He'll never disrespect you.

Let's get one thing straight: a good man will respect you, your emotions, your decisions, your boundaries, your family, your friends, your judgment, your life... end of story. If he treats you like you're crazy, refuses to listen to you when you're trying to communicate, or disrespects the people and things you care about, then you don't have yourself a man. You have an immature little boy.

5. He'll never criticize your looks.

A good guy loves his girl exactly the way she is – curves, scars, and all. If he makes you feel anything less than beautiful, then dump his ass. Ladies, you accept what you believe you deserve. So know your own worth, be confident in your beauty, and love yourself for who you are – and make sure your guy is on the same page.
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I agree with the article... & hope girls do follow this simple thing... To make it things worth... Or they will cry & end up in feeling broken.. No i am not a girl but i know the things that breaks u till hell :)
@sebastienb I think that's the reason I'm still single My past relationship was very unhealthy 😖, He acted like you but he was the one being unfaithful 😒, My advice to you is really do put in effort to improve. There's a limit to everyone 😦😔 So if you do love that person be always have a communication, as for friends I'm a friendly person but I give my self to be respected. I don't allow guys to Tuch me inappropriately or talk to me on appropriately 😝 but that is just me. I have 2 amazing boys❤👬❤ and they take most of my thoughts and or my time, they keep me motivated and I want to be a good example for them😆 ....Like I said my previous relationship 😝😝 I actually feel relief 😥 not being with him...I struggle but I have a God that never leaves me alone 😍...he's there every step of the way 😭😍... Some people get annoyed when I talk about Jesus but I don't care it's the truth 😌 Everyday I see it everyday I feel his presence No way will I deny how wonderful he is to me. I am grateful to my God and to him all the glory he has put people in my path so I can keep pushing forward and keep reaching for my goals 💪😬
@Luci546 That comment comes from 22 years of dealing with the opposite sex......... oh damn, I'm old........ So I'm happy if it can help someone 😃
@AkashBhojraj Also, when she told you that she just wants to be single, that should have been your signal to say that you want something more than friends, an this is where the relationship ends. It's not that she wants to make the other guy jealous. He's not. But she gets a certain type of attention from him, and a certain type from you. And the type of attention she gets from you isn't honest for your feelings. So that's where you can't be afraid of walking away because you're not getting what you want emotionally. Also, sometimes that's when you get the girl. Because it may not be the other guy she's trying to make jealous.
good idea