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I've always seen this theory video of 'I Need U+Prologue+Run' floating around on YouTube but never watched it until last night. I would've NEVER thought about this theory but it seems to be accurate honestly. When watching the MV I noticed something wasn't right and I was also kind of confused too. The only thing I noticed was that Jin disappears from the photo and never knew why until I watched this. This theory video hit me out of no where and I just started to cry from now on the MV will be so different. All these MV play out a beautiful hidden message that some of us probably never new or figured out. I'm still just what the fuck about it.
Also from what I've read from some comments, the story continues in 'Butterfly' so I guess we wait and see?
IF this turns out to be true I swear the boys just made me fall for them more lol, just thinking about how AMAZING and TALENTED all 7 of them are plus how ALL of them are so damn HANDSOME it just shows how unique they all are. I don't think I've EVER seen a group like them, meaning from how genuine loving and caring they are. They do so much for ARMY as well, I just feel like everything about them is honest and true. They don't fake anything on and off camera... I believe that's why I'm SO IN LOVE with them