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Yes I found some pics of them asleep just now since it's a "sleep over", haha. If you want to play after seeing this card, here is the link of @thePinkPrincess card:
So Hoseok invited me? Alright, that seem realistic him and me are probably good friends ^~^ (or might be good friends? Idk xD)
Okay, so this sleep over is at Jimin's place? Okay so it's at his place I wonder how it would look lol
Taehyung flirted with me???????? Is that my fate?? Lmao kidding but why is it always Taehyung in these things...not complaining though let's be clear xD
Of course it's the playful ones who wanna play, I'm too playful also but that's why I would mostly pick truth over dare (yes, I'm that person guys)
Soooooooooooooooo Yoongi got dared to kiss me? Me??? Offfff all people sorry but it doesn't seem believable and don't even ask if I would let him but I'll probably cringe to death then try to make them consider idk how that will go down though ;-;
Why would he want to sleep next to me? I love cuddling and I hog the blankets also I known to kick in my sleep? It's ironic in my opinion xD
He did what?? Jimin better have just sleep "next" to me not with me, but I guess he got his wish??......
I cuddle with my pillow a lot (random fact lmao), with kinda makes this possible but since Taehyung was flirting with me the whole night would he be jealous?....hmmmmmm....yea not gonna think too hard on that hehe ^^''