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this is him from Christmas time
this is him a little few months back
this is the golden maknae of pups now I know it's not kpop related but I just want to show off my dog
And you know the funny thing is I know most people dont believe in God or angels, but as I sad crying on a roof completely devastated (I work in construction as a roofer) I SWEAR NO LIE that I heard a voice whisper to me in a soft gentle voice and it said "YOUR dog always laid at YOUR grandparents feet when they visited your house, well now she's laying at their feet in MY house." And I swear on my life that in that breif moment of time I felt all my pain and sorrow dissappear. And the best thing is no body except me heard it :) It was a once in a lifetime experience for me that I will never forget.
@CreeTheOtaku not yet but he's learning
@Straightshooter he's 6 months
@arnelli SWEET
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