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So you'd like to make the pretty lady you've got your eye on sit up and take notice of what a charming, good-looking, dateable dude you are. Right?
Well, obviously, the best way to get her to notice you is to pull up to her house, music blaring from a giant boombox, and start a fight with some guy who happens to be walking by. Right? WRONG!

There's a right way to get a girl's attention, and there's a wrong way. If these are your techniques for impressing the ladies, I suggest you try something different.

10. Showing off.

No matter ability or feature it is that you're shamelessly parading around as if you're God's gift to humanity, I guarantee it's only making you less attractive.

9. Disgusting humor.

Lewd jokes, dirty language, and talking about the female body like you're a big tough guy is not going to do you any favors with girls. I personally like more of a gentleman – with some occasional swearing thrown in to mix things up.

8. Being loud.

Making a spectacle of yourself in any way makes any girl in the vicinity want to shake her head, ashamed on your behalf. Screaming, performing, and screwing around with your buddies WILL turn her head in your direction – but not in a good way, I assure you.

7. With any kind of wheeled vehicle.

A guy who thinks that his car, motorcycle, ATV, moped, or any other type of ride is going to impress me is a guy who has completely missed the mark. I don't care what you drive. I care who you are.

6. Beating on other guys.

Nothing screams immaturity and makes you look like a complete idiot quite like starting a fight.

5. Flexing.

If she don't like you when you ain't flexing, she ain't gonna like you when you are. Also, "the beach is that way," is basically the worst line in the book.

4. Throwing a tantrum.

Having emotions is normal and healthy. But throwing a fit and acting like an emotional mess when you don't get what you want – that's just about the least attractive thing you could possibly do. Don't throw punches at the wall, don't yell or threaten people, don't freeze her out in a fit of cold fury. It's not manly; it's pathetic.

3. Acting like a rich guy.

Any girl who's going to fawn over you just because you flash a wad of cash or brag about your dad's new Lamborghini just isn't worth dating.

2. Being mean to her.

You've heard that girls like bad boys, and you're tired of the ol' nice guy shtick not working for you. So you treat her like an asshole, in hopes that this will pique her curiosity. Um, hello – why do you want to attract girls who ENJOY being treated badly? That's how you end up with a self-hating, needy girlfriend you can't stand being around.

1. Lying

About yourself, your job, your hobbies... really, saying anything untrue in order to make yourself seem cooler than you really are. Trust me, you're plenty cool enough as it is. The right girl will like you for who you are, exactly as you are. You don't want to date someone who likes you because she thinks you're something you're not. Now THAT's going to be one nasty breakup.

Guys, who's guilty of these?

Ladies, what are some other TERRIBLE ways that guys try to impress us?

heck if you dont tell dirty jokes im not going to be inclined to go out with you
I disagree with 7...I want to know what kind of car he drives, what's under the hood, what kind of effort he puts into her, and what his future plans are for her. It tells me a lot about what kind of guy he is. I would want a guy that knows what he's got and appreciates it, but isn't obsessive about an object. And someone who looks towards the future.
Yeah @Bobs!! I'm with you :)
when I was younger I used to be guilty of a lot of those things on that list but nowadays I'm like bam! you get what you see! I'm happy with myself, I don't want to be with someone I need to impress in order to be with her!
I do love me some Family guy tho. that's just awesome. I wish I could have seen the aftermath of #10 with that guy falling off the bike. And the dude chilling on his motorcycle--I was really wow'd by his ability to be so chill. Dangerous, but kinda cool too.
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