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Everyone is embarrassed forever.

This week's Throwback Thursday isn't going too far back in time, but this might be something everyone wiped from their memories to avoid the secondhand shame. The X-Statix series was trying to put to rest a tedious old argument: Who is stronger, the X-Men or The Avengers? But they went about it in a very strange way...

So for starters they're both naked.

On the left we have Iron Man aka Tony Stark, an alcoholic with heart problems. On the right we have Mister Sensitive aka Guy Smith, a mutant who has- you guessed it- hypersensitive skin. WHAT A THRILLING MATCH. They both want the same thing, and instead of working together they need to fight each other. I repeat: Naked.

"Take that!" / "Eat finger!"

The witty repartee is really something to behold.
Tony's heart almost gives out, while Guy is subdued by a flower to the face. Metaphor?
Some artfully placed limbs keep this naked fight PG-13.

Guy passes out, and Tony gets a migraine.

So imagine this: You're walking through the woods, like one does. You come upon this scene. Two naked dudes passed out from the pain. What are you supposed to do in that situation? Because I for one am lost.
@BelleofRay lol you've got a good soul clearly ^_^ @AlloBaber what @Boggleman said XD
Hahaha!! This. Is. GREAT!! 馃槀馃挏
@shannonl5 te quierrrro mucho mi amorrrrr (like Ricardo Montalban)
@buddyesd nah that'll just make it burn on the way out XD @peahyr XD not something I wanna google @CreeTheOtaku lol I think that's probably the most honest answer
This is like some strange porno
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