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Earlier this week I did a Top 5 Favorite Anime and I like the idea of doing Top 5's, so I figured I should pick a day and do this once a week on top of my daily Anime Guessing Game. So to start this series off I present to you my Top 5 Main Characters!

NUMBER FIVE: Yato from Noragami

One thing I have always loved in a character is knowing when to be serious and when to be funny. You'll find that as a trend on this list. I love that when it's crunch time and some Ayakashi or possibly Gods need to be fought, he takes it seriously and gets it done the best he can. However, when it's chill time and he is hangin around his buddies, he can crack a few jokes and be funny. I'm already in love with this character and I haven't gotten to the second season just yet.

NUMBER FOUR: Saitama from One Punch Man

Like I mentioned before, he acts both ways depending on the situation. However it's a little different, because Saitama is just way too much stronger than his opponents to get serious. When fighting, the only thing on his mind could be how he might miss the sales going on at the supermarket. Even when faced against the said to be strongest being in the universe, he can't come up with any reason to care. Saitama took over 2015 and for good reason.

NUMBER THREE: Lelouch from Code Geass

Now, Code Geass was one of the earlier anime I watched, so it's been quite a few years since I've seen this. It's most definitely time for a rewatch. But Lelouch is unforgettable after you see what he can do. He happens to be given the Geass by C.C., thus becoming a badass. With the Geass he could control anybody. He has complete dominance over everybody he encounters. Imagine him encountering a super powerful protagonist such as aforementioned Saitama or even Goku. He has the power to control them and get them to do whatever he wanted. On top of everything he is a genius, so that helps.

NUMBER TWO: Edward and Alphonse Elric from Fullmetal Alchemist

Once again, it's been awhile since I last watched this, but you don't forget something like this duo. I won't spoil anything, but sad stuff happens and body parts are lost. Despite that, these two keep on keeping on and facing what comes to them. They make a life for themselves through the use of alchemy in hope to find a way to get their bodies back to normal. They portray brothers pretty well, for the situation they were put in. Well deserving of a high spot.

NUMBER ONE: Gon from Hunter X Hunter (2011)

The main character from my all-time favorite anime, who would've guessed? I just love the innocence of this kid. He has such ambition to become a Hunter and find his father, it's touching. One of the things I really like is that Gon isn't the most powerful character, by far. In fact there are quite a few characters that kick his ass. Not knowing whether he will win or lose makes him more interesting to watch. Now, adult Gon is another story, but that's a different subject.

Honorable Mentions

Goku Killua Koro-sensei Light Yagami Tatsumi Oga/Baby beel Okabe Kirito Ueki
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