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We definitely have some issues in society and hopefully we can change them over time. It's hard but if you push through you'll find a place to be you.
This is a true explanation of our world, and it's disgusting how we are part of it, what in the world has got into these humans minds? What happened that made this all happen in just a few moments? Many people throughout the years have been brainwashed with society, some of us still survive. We still help a person even if we don't know them, we make them laugh to cheer them up, we think before we take action. If your that person, keep helping, and keep doing a human job. We shouldn't let all this happen right between our feet, if you survived the society brainwash, God bless you and your soul. It tells me you have something special in you, many kids shouldn't suffer like this..... For me having a step dad who doesn't even talk to me or look at me, I still keep my head high and be kind, he already gave the effect to my mom, and my sister, but not me, I'm still a person who will tell someone that you are not weak, that you are not a nobody in this world, your more special than you can imagine..... Anyone of you going though any of the thing this Facebook message stated, remember these words "I'm special as I can ever be, because I'm me" also wanted to tell you that I love you 💕💕
Deep and so tru
@catchyacrayon I love you too ❤❤ That comment made me tear up