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Commentif you want to be tagged in part 3
Next Morning, You get up to a phone call, you look at it and see that it's from a unknown number but you still answer it. "Good Morning, Cutie.." Jungkook says sexily.
"Hey Jungkook, What's up?"
"Come over, please I want someone to walk with to school."
"Haha Alright I'll be over in 10 minutes." You hang up and get dressed and walk over to Jungkook's house as you said you would. You were about to knock on the door but then....
"Hey (Y/N)!!!" You look at him and smile as he walks out the door and puts his arm around you.
"So ready to head to school?" Jungkook nods as he smiles. You guys are now half way there. You guys are walking beside each other, making him accidently bumping you. On the way there you breath into your hands because your hands were freezing. Jungkook grabs your hands kisses each one and holds your hand. You look at him and smile with smirk.
"Don't worry my hands are germ-free" He says, You guys are at school but you see people pointing, laughing and staring at you and Jungkook. You try to walk faster but Jungkook pulls you back.
"What are they staring at?" You were about to cry but when Jungkook looks at you, he hugs you tightly. He whispers in your ear softly, "What's Wrong Cutie?" Your to shy to respond, all you do is push Jungkook back with full force and run away as fast as you can. One of the students yells at Jungkookie, "You're dating that Asian wannabe?" Jungkook doesn't care so he runs to find you in a corner crying to yourself.
"Hey cutie why are you crying?" He says as he wipes your tears with his thumb.
"They...They...They have been bullying me for years and years and They think I'm weird because I like to listen to K-pop. "I don't care what anyone says about you, You will always be my cutie no matter what anyone says." Jungkook tells you as he hugs you....
I actually find this cute lol and has anyone called you anything becuase of Korean culture. Someone has actually called me a Asian wannabe...
My family picks on me. My dad says that I've came in a package from Asia. But I've learned to ignore it over the years. I would still like to be tagged
PEOPLE CALL ME THAT TO BUT I'm like I am asian dumbass
I've been called an Asian wannabe. 馃様 It hurts but I'm used to it.
I was called a Korean wannabe by my 2 little brothers so I got them deep into kpop as a little punishment. not that kpop is something bad to be used as a punishment but now they know how I feel lol please keep on tagging me 馃槃馃槃
well who cares if ur a wannabe as long as u just love KPOP and support them and they'll regret after hearing the beautiful angels of KPOP idols, this is wat I think so IDC if I'm called a wannabe
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