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Purfles!! Have any of you heard of them? They debuted in 2014 with this song, 1,2,3, and it is amazing!! I didn't know this was there debut! Have a listen and tell me what you think.
These are the members
Picture 1: Wooyoung (My bias)
Picture 2: Geonhee
Picture 3: Eunyong
Honestly, their songs are so amazing!! I don't understand why there not popular yet. They're so underrated and I hope they get more recognition in the future
Here's what they released in 2015
Video 1: A Bad Thing (My personal favorite)
Video 2: Bad Girl
So, have any of you out there heard of this band? If you haven't, listen to their songs and tell me what you think. I really love them and hope they release more songs in the future. *keeps fingers crossed*
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