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So school started and i got sick. I know I promised to have loads of fanfics up. Anyway I'm finishing up the first chapter of one starring our one and only Princess Jin. I'll have it up tonight :) Its called "Just Shut Up" Saranghaeyo!
@Helixx thank you! that's such a compliment! Jin originally was my bias before i fell for Suga so writing this fanfic has been fun
@KaitlynHewitt So, in the past couple of weeks, Suga has been creeping up my bias list and I attribute at least part of his rise to Suga-Of-Daegu and to you for not only sharing her stories but for the epilogue you wrote for You Won't Do That. I'm serious. I notice Suga more now and am drawn to him and his adorable antics. I can only imagine what will happen with Jin. He's already high up on my bias list. I just adore him.
@Helixx he won the fluff vote! i gotta give the people what they want lol i missed you too!
OH MY GOD, ARE YOU TRYING TO KILL ME??? JIN??? REALLY??? Ok, I'm going to stop fangirling in anticipation and wait until you post it. I hope you feel better. I definitely noticed your absence and I missed you.
please get soon
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