@KwonOfAKind created this game, a screenshot game that predicts your future in YG Entertainment! I'm excited to see my results!

A Sunbae Your Scared Of:

Seungri from BIGBANG This cracks me up. It's probably because he is really friendly and makes me uncomfortable cause I'm an awkward muffin.

A Sunbae You Are Close To:

Mithra Jin from Epik High I'm a little obsessed with this choice. I hope he treats me as a sort of protégé and teaches me about beat poetry and rap.

Dance Collab With:

Chanwoo from iKon I would rather do a dance collab with Donghyuk but Chanwoo is great too! I think we would have good chemistry even though I'm much older.

Your Crush/ Who You Admire

Mino from Winner Definitely admire. He is such a talented lyricist and musician and is such a pleasant human being. He is people goals tbh.

Song Collab With:

Psy (solo artist) and TOP from BIGBANG YES. Omg I'm a little obsessed with this too. We would be the strangest collab ever and our song would be so weird. I'm so into this.

Photoshoot With

Taeyang and GD of BIGBANG and Junhoe of iKON I'm glad Junhoe is there because of our heights, we will just have to make sure Taeyang is either sitting or leaning on something.

My Squad

Seungri (BIGBANG), Chanwoo (iKON), Bom (2NE1), Seungyoon (WINNER), Jinwoo (WINNER) Our ages are all over the place lol. Chanwoo is our maknae for sure, and Yoon is young. Then me, Jinwoo, Riri and then Bom is the oldest. I think our squad is pretty random, but I'm sure it will work out.