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So recently I've started working out and dieting because honestly I'm so tired of being over weight and just overall eating unhealthy and just by watching anime it kind of inspired me to work harder for my goal to have a nice body i mean cosplays would be so much funner if I actually looked the part and looked like I could destroy a planet right? ha-ha So one day in the future I'm hoping to look like...
THIS!!!!.... no wait ummm...not like this ...more like...
THIS!!! (stares for a second)WAIT WAIT WAIT!!!!! HOLD UP! I think Choji is awesome but...I wanted to look a little healthier that that...
there you go!!!! finally! anyways...yeah one day I would like to have his body type...and he shall be my first cosplays once I'm healthier! ^.^ I'm so excited! and sorry ...for messing around xD Gintoki cosplay here i come
Good Luck!! I like running to my fav anime songs, btw, it makes long runs go quicker especially when I have to run them kind of fast
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I know right! :D it gets you really pumped and by the time your done you almost wished you had more xD..well that was my experience at least haha
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OMg you're cracking me up XD XD i think I want to look like Choji too :P :P
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Luffy's lookin' quite fluffy if you know what I mean.
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Good luck on your journey bud!
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