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Korean food is known for its spice so knowing this adjective is SO important.

맵다 - To be spicy


매워요 - It is spicy


As a foreigner, when you order things the waiters will often ask you:

이것 너무 매워요. 괜찮아요?

(ee-geo neo-mu mae-weo-yo. kwaen-chan-a-yo?)

This is really spicy, are you sure that's okay?

It's sort of customary for older Korean people to think that foreigners can't handle Korean spicy food, so don't get angry - they're just looking out for you!


If you see this in front of something you know it's spicy

매운 ______ - Spicy _____


얼큰 ______ - Traditional spicy _____


Some of my favorite spicy Korean foods:

떡볶이 - spicy rice cakes


순두부찌개 - soft tofu stew

(soon-doo-boo jji-gae)

비빔밥 - bibimbap!


김치볶으밥 - kimchi fried rice

(kimchi bokk-eum-bap)

Do you like spicy foods or hate it!?

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매 온 매워요 .is it correct !
I like spicy food :)) they're 짱!
All of them so yummy !
Yea, but that's cause I'm used to eating it on a daily bases