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BTS Sleepover Screenshot Results
I was tagged by @thePinkPrincess @PrettieeEmm and @Kyokeo Here's thePinkPrincess's original card! I love these games. Let's Begin!
Thanks for the invite Jin 馃槉
Ummmm... ok
But Suga... you know @gabbylu13 is my friend right?
Of course he did
It's a dare so I have to do it right?....right? 馃憖
Ok but no touching! I mean it mister!
Well... this one's hard to explain.
Ok look @staceyholley It was dark and kinda looked like Tae. Honest mistake.
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haha seems either you or me take one of @staceyholley men
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@PrettieeEmm right?! 馃槀馃槀 Sorry Stace it's them not us @staceyholley
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Ok but Jimin suggested the game for me too sooooo......
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@staceyholley I love how his pic looks like "I didn't do it"
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@Ligaya that so funny
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