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{ This fanfiction is taken from my Wattpad, so follow me there for more of my work! Username: @/turntuptae } Phone, check! House keys, check! Wallet, check! You mentally counted off the small things you carried in your bag, stepping into your boots as you walked out the door of your apartment. "Perfect, I should be there right on time!" You grinned down at your wristwatch; 2:41 pm. Your best friend, Kim Taehyung, had invited you to spend time at his place, since he claims that he is "lonely". You didn't see that as much of a problem. After all, you loved spending time with your best friend, or rather..your crush. After about a quarter hour walk, you had finally reached his apartment. "Oi, loser! I'm coming in!" You exclaimed, unlocking the door with a spare key you had obtained years ago. "You're so loud! I could be napping, for all you know!" Taehyung replied, his voice turning your gaze as you see him laid on the couch with a fleece blanket, still in his winter pajamas. "Says the one who's basically high 24/7.." You teased, slipping out of your boots and joining him on the couch. "Now hand over the blanket, I'm freezing." Tae's lips formed into a smile. "No way! It's mine!" He grabbed the corner of the blanket and laughed as you did the same, resulting in quick round of Tug-o'-War. "Give it!" "Nope!" "Tae, c'mon! I'm gonna die of hypothermia!" Taehyung paused for a moment, pursing his lips before responding. "Then I'll make sure you don't!" Within seconds, Tae had pounced at you, his warm arms tightly snaking around your cold waist. "God, you're such a child." You chuckled, enjoying the feeling of his warmth. The afternoon went by quickly, and the two of you were worn out from pillow fights, competitive video-gaming, ridiculous karaoke, and stupid dance battles. The two of you even built a fort out of pillows and blankets, just as any toddler would, and laid down in it. "Damn, it's already 9:30," you glanced at your watch with surprise and giggle. "Guess time really does fly when you're having fun." You then shifted your gaze back to Taehyung, waiting for a response that never came. He seemed a little...tense, and you knew something was wrong. "Hey, are you okay?" The smile on your fade blends into a more concerned expression. "Huh? Oh, yeah..." He takes in a deep breath. "I was just wondering if you're uh..free next Saturday? Around seven in the evening?" You pause for a second. "I'm pretty sure I am, why?" A long silence follows. "Tae?" You sit up, looking down at his melancholic expression. "I'm getting married."
The words echoed in your ears, making their way down to your chest and tightening your muscles, making your body feel numb. "M-married..?" You choke out. "To who?" "My parents arranged me with a woman they think is fit for me. They told me she's an intelligent and mature woman who owns a big company." You clenched a fist, feeling the hot fury bubble into your throat. "And you're telling me this now?! So what?! Am I not intelligent enough for you? Am I not mature enough?! Do I need to own a big, fancy company? Is that it?! I've known you for years, Taehyung! You haven't even met her yet!" He stared at you, shocked. "[Y/N], what are you trying to say..?" Then you realized it. You fucked up. "You know what? I just remembered that I do happen to be busy next Saturday. I have to walk my pet goldfish." Before Taehyung could respond, you darted out of the apartment and began trudging home through the late night snowfall. ~*~*~*~*~ Four days passed, and there was still four more until the day of Taehyung's wedding. Calling yourself 'heartbroken' was a simple understatement. You had locked the doors to your apartment, forbidding anyone to enter and for you to leave. You barely ate, and you spent almost all your time sleeping under several covers to try and rid the emotions you had been going through. Friends and family members got worried, since they knew staying home was never something you preferred to do. Your stomach growled viciously, signaling its need for nutrients. You knew there was nothing good in your kitchen at the moment, and you definitely didn't feel like preparing anything. I'll just order pizza, you thought. Your hand reached for your phone, ignoring the notifications for hundreds of unread text messages and missed calls. After thirty minutes of placing your order, the doorbell had rung. "Coming.." you instinctively muttered under your breath, walking towards the door with your wallet. When you swung the door open, you felt a pair of strong arms wrap around you, giving off a highly familiar warmth. "Taehyung, get off of me." "No. I'm not leaving here until you're back to your usual self." You sighed, holding back your tears as best as you could. "Well then you better grab some snacks, because it's gonna be a long night." You spit out with a blend of sarcasm. "[Y/N], I'm serious. I want to get married, but not to her, okay?!" His voice raised slightly. "That's great to know. Why don't you go tell your parents that instead of me?" You spoke up to match his volume. "Because I already called it off." "You what?" Your eyes widened, voice growing louder and louder. "What were you thinking?!" "You." He mumbled. "Wh-what..?" "[Y/N], is it really that hard to see? I love you, alright?!" You stared straight at him, failing to keep your tears in any longer. But as they trickled down your reddened cheeks, you couldn't help but allow a smile had shaped your lips. "I love you too, you fucking idiot."

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Why can't this be reality...*sighs with disappointment*
Really good
"I love you too,you fucking idiot." So me, I swear.
I love this!!
it was so good it had me happy crying
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