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And then you got abuela selling them door-to-door like they're drugs.

Wait, do they sell pasteles door to door in Florida? In California, it's definitely all about them tamales. Sometimes you might even find someone outside of the supermarket trying to sell you bags of tamales from the back of their car lol.
@alywoah my dad doesn't make them anymore unfortunately, idk why. He makes other local hawaiian food, and it's been ages since he's last made them. Maybe I just have to ask him the next time I'm home, since my mom will make me Gandule rice in a heart beat if I just ask or he was just helping a friend who knew the recipe by heart
Yes, yes! I believe they are also a thing the Dominican Republic. That's cool your dad can make them! I haven't exactly mastered them yet.....haha and thank you Puerto Rican old ladies for always selling them around the holidays!!! lol @MaryPanda
Arepaaaassss honestly I like them so much better than pasteles. I'm sorry @alywoah don't kill me plz
Lol someone need to tell me where I can get some pastele in Sydney! Ever since your card introduced to South American cuisine, I've been searching high and low for them, so far I only found a Latino cafe that sells arepas.
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