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Wish you knew exactly what's on her mind? Well, I can't exactly speak for whoever "her" is, but I can tell you what's on my mind. As a 24-year-old lady, when I think about my guy, I know there are some things I love about him that seriously set him apart from allllll the other guys out there.
What are they, you ask? Find out below.

Watching him talk about something he's passionate about.

Seeing my guy get excited about something is just about my favorite thing. I love the way his face lights up and he gets all enthusiastic when the conversation turns to the things he loves.

His smile, his dimples, his eyes when he laughs... yeah, just his face. All of it.

Speaking of his face lighting up, he's got a pretty great face. I think every girl must think this about the guy she's in love with – something about his face just makes her absolutely melt. I feel like I could look at his face forever.

When he surprises me with fun plans or an unexpected gift.

It still surprises me when my guy makes plans for us of his own accord. He'll tell me, "Don't make plans for the night of February 13th. You're busy that night." And I love that. It takes maturity to plan stuff like that, and that's so attractive.
Also, whenever he surprises me with a little gift (bonus points when it's something edible), I am just like ASASHJDSJKLHD I FEEL SO SPECIAL. 😁

How he gets (just a little) jealous.

He might not love the feeling of being jealous, but when boyfriend gets a little touchy about guys I've been with in the past... it's kinda cute. It's just one of the many ways I know he wants to be my only one!

How he makes me smile just thinking about him.

I kid you not, EVERY time I think about how incredibly lucky I am to have this guy in my life, or about the crazy way we met, or just about how sweet and handsome and amazing he is... I get the biggest smile on my face. And that in itself makes me even happier.

When he pushes his glasses up to the top of his head to read.

(Couldn't find a good picture for this one, so I just put one of a guy who probably should push his glasses up to the top of his head for our benefit.)
I think every girl has these weirdly specific little gestures she loves about her partner. For me, it's seeing him push his glasses up to the top of his head; for others, it might be anything from the way he rolls up his sleeves to the way he thanks the bus driver.
Seriously, you guys can be pretty darn cute – without even realizing it.

When he all of a sudden is overcome with emotion and just HAS to tell me how much he loves me.

This only happens once in a blue moon, but when it does, it makes me so happy. I love seeing my guy get all excited about our relationship – it's a confirmation that we're with the right people!

The way he loves Frank Sinatra and old-fashioned romance.

I don't need a guy to pay for my food or carry my purse. I think it's a bit much to expect my guy to always walk on the outside of the sidewalk, or to be super romantic 24/7. But a romantic or chivalrous gesture once in a while is... well, it's adorable.
I love it when my guy gets the thought into his head to go out of his way to treat me like a princess. And I think it's really cute that he loves things like Frank Sinatra and buying flowers and exchanging handwritten letters. 😊

How thoughtful he is.

I guess this is kind of an extension of a lot of these, but... guys, it never hurts to be thoughtful. Some people might tell you to play hard to get – that's all nonsense that's part of the game of cat and mouse that some people like to play. I used to play at that – and let me tell you, I'm sooo much happier now.
In the real game of love, people care about each other. And when a girl really likes you and wants to be with you, she won't be scared away by thoughtful gestures. In fact, they'll draw her in even closer. 😍

The feeling of my small hand in his giant one.

I will never get over how safe and comforted I feel when his big hand is enveloping mine. I love holding hands – it's a sweet gesture without being overly touchy-feely!

When he tells me how beautiful I am.

When it's coming from a committed partner, this is the best thing in the universe. My guy makes me feel attractive and sexy and beautiful, and I love it. He doesn't care that I was a really weird looking kid, or that I have some stretch marks here and there, or that when I wake up in the morning, my eyes are all puffy and I look a little gross.
No, he just thinks I'm beautiful, just the way I am. And that amaze me constantly. <3

When he gets vulnerable with me about how he feels.

I really enjoy hearing him talk about his emotions. Not every guy is into that, so it's a special treat when a boy feels comfortable enough with you to let you in. Guys, don't be afraid to show your softer side to a girl!

His stupid jokes, and the way he teases me about pretty much everything. Basically, how he drives me crazy – and I like it.

I can't believe I am so dern crazy about someone who annoys me so dern much. And best of all, I like it. He drives me crazy teasing me, poking fun, basically just acting like a goofy big brother, and yet... I have so much fun laughing at myself. It's weird.
And when he makes unfunny jokes, I still laugh and love it, because I think he's hilarious and perfect. Don't worry if you're not the funniest guy in the universe – the right girl will always laugh at your dad humor.

When he talks about our future together.

Ugh. THIS. It's simply the best. When my guy talks about his future, and I'm in it? I just melt. There's nothing as romantic as looking forward to your shared lives together. I recommend being past a certain stage in the relationship before you start doing this in a big way, but even just dropping hints that you expect to still be together a few months down the line can be really cute and romantic.
Guys, I hope this gave you a little secret insight into the heads of the people who love you. 😊 I can't speak for everyone, but I'd say a lot of my galpals would agree with this list.
Sometimes you drive us crazy, but sometimes... you're the cutest people on the planet without even trying. And we love you for it. 😁
you know what I'm not even going to finish reading it's making me jealous😬
@BrittanyBocaneg lol and I want a girl to talk about me like that
@ebethoven for reals I don't even have a bf and I want to feel all of those emotions
Everything about this is so true! I love when girls think this way!
Haha it's funny cuz I literally started listening to Frank Sinatra and I just don't know how we got to the music we have today!
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