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Some of us are working on our phyiques, some of us are fine with how it looks right now. I think it can be so easy to look in the mirror and point out what we think are flaws. Whether it's a flabby tummy, cellulite thighs, or our tiny built.
It's important that although we may have things we may not like, or looking to improve, we acknowledge the things we do love about our bodies.

As for me, I LOVE my thick thighs.

Before I used to be incredibly self conscious about my thighs. Even at my smallest, my thighs were still pretty massive, in comparison to the rest of my body. But I've learn to love the thickness! And I am grateful that I've built insane quads to make them even more lovely.

What do you love about your body?

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@alywoah @InPlainSight haha it was mostly a metaphor about strength and how grateful I was that I was still able to do all the things I wanted to do. I had a lot of joint pain at the time and was really sick so it was kind of a way for me to rethink my relationship with my body- instead of focusing on all of the things it couldn't do I wanted to remember all of the things it can do
But I do have very nice hands :D
my eyes with glasses (I don't wear contacts)
I think I love my hair the most. :D