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Together For Eternity (Or, Check Out This Awesome Song)
You've found someone you're just crazy about, and now all you can think about is never letting them go. Or maybe you're just looking for an insanely catchy tune. Or you've never listened to K-pop before, and you're thinking, "Okay, you know what? I'm going to trust the magnificent, extremely good-looking @AlloBaber and give this stuff a try."
Come on, with lyrics like this, who needs other music?

I had such a scary and bad nightmare

You left me forever

Even you can tell it’s a dream that doesn’t make sense

Because there’s no way I would lose you


I wouldn’t want to see me without you even in a dream

If only you are next to me, I don’t care if it’s a nightmare

Aww. He doesn't care if life turns into a crazy nightmare – as long as you're there, he's happy! Do you have anyone you feel this way about? The kind of person where you have a dream they're with you, and when you wake up, you're sad, because you really, really wish it was actually true?

Suddenly, you grow faint

(I can’t seem to say anything)

I’m afraid to open my eyes right now

(I wanna go to you, I wanna fall asleep again)

(For more VIXX goodness, scroll to the second video and watch the dance practice. This song has, I kid you not, the best body roll in all of K-pop.)
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@Emmi There's definitely no hate, only love!! :D And happiness that I could introduce someone to something that makes me smile. :) I just started getting into k-pop suuuper recently to be honest, but I found the more you explore, the more fun you'll have! Vingle has an amazing k-pop community and I'm sure anyone would be happy to give you a couple recs to get started :) Even if your interest is only casual, so many of these songs are SO catchy hahaha. They're basically pure sugar in music form :3
2 years ago·Reply
@Emmi @AlloBaber if you guys like you guys can watch k-pop live streams on V app. It's a really good app to explore k-pop.
2 years ago·Reply
same here @emmi. too busy listening to philip glass and Samantha James. 😻
2 years ago·Reply
@AlloBaber Naww. Then, I would have to leave the one in my dreams and he's everything. Why ruin a good relationship? We don't even argue about him leaving the toilet seat up. Lol
2 years ago·Reply
Bahahaha that's the ticket @EasternShell :D You've got the healthiest relationship out of all of us ^_^
2 years ago·Reply