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People go to Korea for a lot of reasons!

What is yours (or what would you DREAM to be going there for?!)

유학생 - Study abroad student

(yoo hak-saeng)
Studying abroad for a semester or two in Korea~

대학생 - University student

(dae hak-saeng)
Studying all 4 years in university in Korea!

관광객 - Tourist

Just going for a visit^^

일하려고 왔어요 - I came here to work

(il-ha-ryeo-go wass-eo-yo)
Teaching English, being a translator, a banker, and tour guide, etc!

아이돌 - Idol

Because obviously we're all going to be Kpop idols and live in Korea, right?!

군인 - Soldier/With Military

Many people get sent to Korea for military purposes (there are many different US bases in Korea) so most foreigners in Korea tend to be related to the military :)
@RobertMarsh I'm not actually sure what they call foreign military over there so if you remember that would be super helpful! Thanks!

So, what will you be!?!

Well in May I will be actually going as an international student to korea univ. so...yay! :) I can't wait
I am getting my degree in English so that I can be an English teacher. I'm also working hard on Learning Korean before I go, so I can make some new friends. I'm so excited!!! 😆
It would be 관 광 객 at first with the intention of living there the rest of my life.
I wanted to study abroad but now I want to work thr nd live thr
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