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I have a feeling our sleepover would be exactly like this
I love playing these screenshots games!~~~ Saw this and was like " bias group..... lets do it!" I'll even make a horrible short story based off this!! My beautiful children if you want to play also go ahead and check out @thePinkPrincess card So lets see what I get~~~
WHO INVITED ME? Yoongi oppa!~~~ he is my bias wrecker so lets see how this goes?
WHO HOUSE IS IT HELD AT? my baby hobie!! Thank you for letting me over and potentially kidnapping you
FLIRTED WITH ME THE WHOLE NIGHT I told you he is dangerous. Gawd bias wreckers are painful.
Hm.. Sneaky maknae.....
DARED TO KISS ME. j-jhope? o.o oh my me ! Gawd my hearteu
WANTED TO SLEEP NEXT TO ME omg yoongi stop ~~~~
SLEEPS WITH ME Jin oppa? I would love to use him as a cute human pillow.
IN THE MORNING FOUND MYSELF CUDDLING TO Jhope!? its destiny in telling you.
This sexy little umphhh Gawd ! the death of me right there. Here so here's a super short explanation \story of this: I am good friends with Bangtan but I was more close to Yoongi oppa because we both love music and sleeping. I had a huge crush on Hoseok oppa for a long while and the only people who knew was Yoongi oppa , Kookie oppa and Jin oppa. I noticed Yoongi didn't really like the fact that I liked Hoseok but he helps me anyway. Yoongi thought it would be cool if I came over for a sleep over but I was a bit iffy since it was my first time sleeping over a guy's house. He convinced me by saying Hoseok will be there and I could get closer to him. * sleep over* Strangely I noticed Yoongi being really skinshippy than usual and a bit possessive. When ever i tried to get close to Hoseok he drags me away or gets upset. Kookie notice too so he came up with a plan and we started to place truth or dare. A lot things were said and done but Kookie.... That sneaky little maknae dared Hoseok to kiss me . Hoseok didn't look bothered by it whatsoever but Yoongi looked a little pissed. Hoseok moved to me and kissed me softly and I literally thought I would die but it ended sooner than I wanted. Hoseok chuckled and kissed me again but a bit rougher. Yoongi pulled Hoseok off of me and said " Getting a bit far are we? " he said a bit angry and Hoseok rubbed the back of his neck embarrassed. " Sorry~ " Jin noticed the tension in the air and pat Yoongi on the shoulder. He suggested we should go to sleep since it was late. " Sleep with me Sasha. " Yoongi said patting a place next to him by the couch on the floor. " Wait, I wanted Sasha to sleep by me~ I wanted to talk a little more. " Hoseok whined and Yoongi glared at him. " No, I don't trust you around my Dongsaeng anymore. You might try something" I looked at Yoongi confused and whispered to him " Why are you acting like this? you know I like him oppa. This is my chance~" He ignored me and pulled me to him and Hoseok was confused. " No, Sasha will sleep with me because you two apparently have different motives." Jin said grabbing me to his part of the floor. Suga growled and went to sleep in the middle of Kookie and V. I laid next to Jin facing him and fell asleep also. A few minutes late I felt arms wrapped around me but I was too tired to figure who it was. * Morning* I found myself buried in Hoseok's chest with his arms wrapped around me. I squealed a little and he sexily chuckled . " H- Hoseok? " he hummed in response with his deadly smile with his eyes still closed. " W-what are you doing? " I said trying to push out of his embrace. " Holding my girl while she sleeps cutely in my arms. You seem to love my warmth. Last night you even got under my shirt and hugged me " His said . " What ~~ no wait girl? " I said sitting up. He whined a little and pulled me back down to him. " I know you like me .... Kookie told me " he said holding me closer to him. He laid his chin on top of my head. " Arghh that little- " I growled " Don't worry I've liked you for a long time too. " he kissed my forehead and I turned red. " R-really? " I asked and he nodded. " I hope you know that means we're dating now. Not taking no for a answer ." he said with his voice deep from sleep. The most sexiest thing I ever heard in life. " yass finally!~~~" Kookie scream /whispered . I hid my redden face in Hoseok's chest too embarrassed to look up. ~~~~~ Yeah that was a horrible short story anyways I was too lazy lowkey but I thought it was fun. Poor Yoongi. I love you boo but UB always wins .
awwe such a cute story ^.^ I'm glad you enjoyed the game
@KeziahWright. yes he looks like he would be a good pillow. @JaiiPanda. go ahead boo
Could I steal that block b gif tho ?
😂😂😂😂😂 jin was a mess in mind and I said the same thing "I love to use him as a soft pillow "
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