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It was winter break and I was sick in bed. I called my best friend joy to come and help take care of me instead of my caring boyfriend. ( on the phone) " Joy, can you come and take care of me?" " I'm on my way bestie!" ( hangs up phone, 4 minutes later, door opens) " hey y/n where are you?" " in my room" " oh my best friend why are you so careless?" " well hello to you too" " what do you want?" " chicken soup" I got out of bed and Joy helped me go downstairs and I sat on the dining chairs while I waited for my chicken soup. Later on she placed the chicken soup on the table and I took a sip. " mmm .... So good!" " of course it's top secret. Oh I have to go in a bit so I texted your boy to take care of you." " No! Why!" " why are you reacting like this. Did you two get in a fight?" " no, I just don't want him to take care of me because of his busy schedule." " oh ... Well to bad I already texted him." ( beep ) " is that him?" " yep, he says he's on his way." " why would you even oh my god!" "He's your boyfriend, let him take care of you." " but he has a busy schedule." " and so what!" ( ding dong ) " there he is!" ( opens door ) " hi " " hey, where's y/n!" " there, well since your here then I am going to leave." " okay I'll take care of her" ( joy leaves ) " why didn't you tell me you were sick!" ( pouts ) " because you have a tight schedule." " that doesn't mean I can't or won't take care of you!" " but I don't want you too!" " well to bad!" After I was done eating my boyfriend went to go wash the dishes while I sat on the dining chairs and waited. After he was fine he helped me to go sit on the couch.
As I grabbed the remote he went upstairs to grab a blanket. As I I watched him come down the stairs I just smiled like a freak. " you like me like this huh?" " no, I just saw my favorite blanket and smiled" " really?" " mmhmm!" " whatever, can we watch a drama of something." " how about we watch Exo next door?" " okay, what episode?" " episode 9" "Okay!" As we were watching I kind of drifted off to sleep. Boyfriend POV I kept looking at back at her and by the fourth time I looked back she fell asleep. She looked so beautiful. I felt so lucky to be in her life. I couldn't wait till she was going to be in my life forever. Whenever I was with my boys I acted like a mom and all but when I was with her I act like myself as in a manly boyfriend. I felt so happy and lucky. Y/n POV As I woke up I found myself sleeping on his shoulders and he was sleeping on my head and he was holding me quite tight. He looked so peaceful and handsome. I gave him a soft kiss on his lips. He replied back on the kiss which surprised me. " hey I thought you were asleep!" " and I thought you weren't going to disturb me. Oh well we're both wrong. How are you feeling now?" I don't know but maybe better or maybe I am" " let me check your forehead." His hand was so warm when he placed it on my forehead. " your fever is gone." " are you sick?" " no- achoo" " yeah right?" (Ding ding ding ding) " hello is our leader with you?" " yes he is but he's sick." " oh, okay then please take care of him until he's fine again okay?" " I will" " thank you bye" "Bye " After his members ended the call I helped him to to dining table and I went to go heat up the left overs of the chicken soup. As I went back he was patting on his lap which I had no choice but to sit down on his lap " wow, your heavy!" " okay, I'm getting off!" But before I could get up he wrapped his arms around my waist and pushed me back down on his lap. " I was just kidding, can't you take a little joke?" " what do you think?" ( pouts ) " well then I'm sorry" " you better be!" " I love it when ur mad it just makes me a thousand times more happy to know that you're in my life!" " I love you" " I love you too!" After I was done feeding him we went upstairs and I helped him get in bed comfortably and I laid next to him and we both just cuddled and went to sleep. Hope you enjoyed it! And comment below who u think this guy is and the answer will come out tomorrow and a story will come out tomorrow night
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You know what I have no clue .. I was gonna say RapMon but now I'm just clueless...