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The 49ers are ready to head in a new direction as a franchise.
The rebuilding process starts with the coach, as the 49ers introduced Chip Kelly as the new head coach for San Fran this week.
"I wanted to be in a situation where I can just coach," Kelly said. "I want to just coach football and I'm excited about being with someone like Trent ... and the rest of the guys in the personnel department that when I look at this roster, again, three years ago, this team was in the Super Bowl. They have some outstanding players. They have an eye for talent."
In regards to the player roster, the 49ers are a mess. Quarterback Colin Kapernick was awful last year and young running back Carlos Hyde spent a lot of time on the shelf. This team may need a complete overhaul at wideout as well, as their unit was average at best.
They also play in a very competitive division, as the NFC West also holds the Rams, Seahawks and Cardinals. Only time will tell if Kelly's offensive scheme will work on the pro-level.

Will Chip Kelly Lead 49ers Back To Their Once Dominant Form?

@Straightshooter Ravens are a good organization. I like the way they do things there.
@Bobs Haha "haterade" I like it
@mchlyang cowgirls and the foreskins can suck it too
@mchlyang I don't believe in either the team or the coach
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