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I'd like to thank @SharayahTodd for tagging me in this game. I don't have many friends here yet, but I'm thankful for this one. ^^
Taehyung has invited me! Thanks Tae! <3
How kind of you Yoongi to host this loud and crazy sleep over in your once silent home.
Kookie flirted with me all night...well then. I'm flattered but my heart was meant for another, but then again who could resist you.
Namjoon suggested truth or dare.... wow, okay this slumber party just got more exciting.
Tae dared to kiss me!!!! >/////<
Jimin wanted to sleep next to me...Chim Chim, how cute!
I slept next to Tae, no doubt he probably became my teddy bear to hold onto in the middle of the night. <3
I woke up to Tae cuddling with me, wow I was wrong I became his teddy bear!
If anyone wants to play here is the link for the original card. Enjoy! ^^ Bangtan Screenshot Game!!! #3- Sleepover With BTS
I got it from one of the original cards, if you want I can post a link to it for you?
Yes! ^^ that would be nice @Astrohelix
Where did you get those photos?
you are so sweet @Astrohelix i am happy to be your friend!
Thank you! ^^
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