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Why is it that babies always pick the weirdest (and oftentimes MOST DANGEROUS?!) things to play with? This reminds me of when I used to play with my dad's lighters when I was a kid. I just liked flicking them on and turning them off again, but boy, did that give my parents a heartattack...
It's not that they always choose the most dangerous things, it's just that we notice when they do those things the most. Kids don't discriminate.... they get their grubby little mitts on EVERYTHING at some point. >_>
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@danidee I used matches...I burned a whole in my dad's underwear when I was 5 馃樃馃樃
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because they like to explore new thing everyday! their brain are quiet active to learn anything around them even it look dangerous.. they did not understand that, and totally depend on their parent to guard them. so be careful what you do, they are fast learner
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They want it because they have been told not to touch. The word no makes the temptation greater. I know adults like that.
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@EasternShell thats sounds scarier than a chancla lol
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